New app established in Madison intends to change online shopping

A brand-new app established here in Madison wishes to change the way we go shopping online.

Have you ever seen a picture of a dress online, however there was no link about where to acquire it?

Or possibly you find someone using a shirt you just have to have, but you don't want to ask, "where can I buy that?"

A brand-new app called Markable enables you to see it, shop it, and buy it- with only a few swipes.

" The woman inside me constantly wished to take a look at other ladies, 'what are they wearing?'".

Working in finance, Joy Tang states she would always find herself looking at blogs and sites like Pinterest for the current in fashion.

" It's actually uncomfortable to write a remark stating, 'Hey, where did you get that from?' because I do not wish to seem like a copy cat!".

She knew her friends felt the exact same method.

" Then in my head I was like, 'What if I just created a technology where I don't need to ask anybody?' I merely click a button and it will inform me where to buy that dress and it can give me different choices so I can choose a cheaper one, or pricier one, for various occasions," explains Tang.

That's when Markable was born.

" Maybe it's simpler to just make an app than inform people where you got it from. They can easily find out in a few seconds.".

Markable's creators have made the app so easy to use, it only takes 4 actions to find the style that you're trying to find.

You just snap a photo, upload the photo to the app, and then the app will discover the precise, or similar products, to the one in the image.

" And you can acquire right away inside the app with a charge card or PayPal," says Tang.

With 800-plus brand names represented, gone are the days of scrolling through pages and pages of whatever you're looking for.

" It's like hey, I'm already interested! Simply inform me where to get it!".

If you acquire a product through Markable, shipping is totally free.

Markable officially launches to the general public on Wednesday, but you can gain access to the app now by downloading the app, and using the password: secret lab.